Book Clubs

Every month, I go to two or three book club meetings, and almost every month, there are only a few of my book club members who have actually read the book.


This means that I don’t really know what a “real” book club looks like, unless this is what happens in all book clubs.  Still, I want to have–recreationally–the kind of discussions that my students had during Socratic Seminars in my classroom, but with my friends, and wine.

That has yet to happen, but I’m still holding out hope.  Usually, what happens is that the people who’ve read the book have a furtive discussion on themes, symbols, questions, wonders, thrills, all while the people who haven’t read or haven’t finished are shushing us from the corner since they don’t want the ending spoiled.

Just once, I would love for everyone to read the same book, and super nerdily, at that.  I want to see post-it flags and annotations and index cards with favorite quotes and fanfics and memes and movie adaptation criticisms.

This month, my clubs are reading Hillbilly Elegy, The Underground Railroad, and The Year of Magical Thinking.  Perhaps one of those books will be the one that hooks every reader, spurs amazing discussion, and finally results in the book club meeting of my dreams!

Or, perhaps not.


8 thoughts on “Book Clubs

  1. beckymusician says:

    I belong to two book clubs. The first I joined when a neighbor was starting it because, she said, the book club she belonged to never discussed the books and she wanted to. So everybody knew from the start that that was the deal, we cold chat a bit at the beginning and end, but in between we have an organized, focused discussion of the book. If someone didn’t finish and comes anyway, we ruin the ending for that person. Maybe your solution is to start your own new book club.

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    • Shana Karnes says:

      I like that structure! My problem is that I’m also interested in seeing everyone socially, since our monthly book club meeting is the only time we all meet up. Maybe I’ll start one with people I see all the time so we can focus on the book at our meetings! 🙂


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