Grading Papers

Sometimes I really enjoy grading papers, if I can get in the right frame of mind.  I have to be very focused, free of outside distractions that might break that tenuous focus, and in a comfortable place.  I also require the perfect beverage, a just-right snack, and good company in the form of a friend or a cat.

Pens–the pens are important too.  Or a strong wifi connection, if I’m grading an electronic assignment.  Also, some music, or noise of some kind, without words but with just sound.

Does that sound too specific?  Like an impossible situation?  You’re right–it is.  I pretty much hate grading.


But this weekend, I got about 250 papers graded that I’ve been procrastinating for a little while.  I was feeling the pain of looming grade deadlines, had the weekend totally free, and enjoyed my couch as a good place to grade.  My husband made me a fresh cup of coffee with my favorite hazelnut creamer, got us some chips, and settled down beside me to watch Ripper Street on Netflix.  My PaperMate pens were flowing, the stack of graded papers was piling higher, and Jon made it through half of season two before I finally called it a night.

Am I finished grading?  Of course not.  My alarm is set for 4:45 am tomorrow so I can get back at it.

But at least I enjoyed the progress I managed to make today.  🙂



6 thoughts on “Grading Papers

  1. Leigh Anne says:

    I can’t imagine…no I can’t fathom the thought of grading 250 papers! I am such a procrastinator too. Sometimes when I get behind I take Kelly Gallagher’s advice…students should be writing 4 times as much as what we can grade and I pitch them! Shh…don’t tell!

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    • Shana Karnes says:

      Man, it’s like a weight has been lifted from my shoulders!!!! I don’t know why, when every teacher I know hates grading papers, that we still have grades. Who can we talk to about changing this?!?!


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