Broken Wifi

For some reason, people don’t seem to realize that wifi is now a basic home utility. That people need. And have to pay for. 

People like my husband. 

Instead of having our own wireless router, or a LAN, or any type of device that would allow me to easily access the Web, we just have a login that lets us steal from active hotspots. 

While this has been a cheap way to have Internet–and we don’t have a TV, so no cable, so no bundles wherein wifi is actually cheap (did you know wifi is $59.99/month if you have no other services?! Ripoff!!)–it is only effective if it works. 

And right now it’s not working. 

I get irrationally angry when the wifi is slow or broken. Instead of the post about daylight savings time I wanted to write, I’m unleashing this rant on the powers that be who prevent me from having the lightning-fast internet of my dreams. 

So, I’ll bid you adieu, and go read a paperback book…!


6 thoughts on “Broken Wifi

  1. beckymusician says:

    We all go a little nuts at my house when the router isn’t working for some reason. The companies that sell these services — wifi, cable, phone — are incomprehensible. They talked us into getting cable because our bill would go DOWN by adding it. We got it but don’t use it.

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