Getting to Not Cook

When I moved away from Cincinnati, of course I missed my family.  Of course I missed my friends.  Of course I missed my students.

But you know what I missed the most?

The food.

You can’t give Skyline Chili a call on the phone.  You can’t FaceTime with LaRosa’s Pizza.  You can’t have a piece of Frisch’s hot fudge ice cream cake come to visit.


I found a recipe this week on the Art of Manliness blog for Cincinnati-style chili.  I got wicked excited at first, until I realized that it took an entire 24 hours to make this chili.  I rolled my eyes–ain’t nobody got time fo dat, as Sweet Brown says.

Besides, one of my favorite parts about my favorite Cincinnati foods is that I don’t have to cook them.  My husband is famous for how much he eats–six huge meals per day–and  as a result I cook all the time.  Our grocery bill is the largest chunk of our budget every month.  (Including rent.)

So, any chance I have to not cook, I take it.  I’ll eat a walking taco at a tailgate, a slice of cold pizza at a party I arrive an hour late to, or a McDonald’s cheeseburger and be completely content.  Then, the next day, I’ll make Moroccan lamb tagine and be totally happy–as long as I don’t have to cook Moroccan lamb tagine every single day.

When I go home to Cincinnati for a visit, I get to take a multi-day-long break from cooking as I bounce from LaRosa’s to Skyline to White Castle to Frisch’s to P&S Diner.  And it is glorious.

Tonight, since my in-laws are in town, we went to our favorite locally-sourced eatery.  We ran into lots of people we knew, invited a few friends to join us, shared some beers and guacamole, and everyone was happy.

Especially me–because I didn’t have to cook!


11 thoughts on “Getting to Not Cook

    • Shana Karnes says:

      I completely agree! I could cook the exact same meal that my mom cooks, or my husband cooks, and theirs is always so much better!! The other downside of cooking at home is, of course, the dishes…my hands are ruined already. 😦

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    • Shana Karnes says:

      Oh, man! If only you were going in September, you could go to Oktoberfest (makes a lot of sense, I know), and enjoy lots of German beer and pretzels and spatzle and brats and so much other amazing Zinzinnati food! I can’t wait to hear what you try! Keep me posted!!


  1. The Logonauts (@thelogonauts) says:

    Cooking is the bane of my existence. You can’t escape it, it happens everyday, and it always leaves a mess! Love your celebration of a cooking-free moment. (But, if you’re willing to share that lamb tagine recipe … we went to Morocco for our honeymoon and are always looking to reminisce!)

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  2. Katy Collins (@MissCollins606) says:

    I know exactly how you feel. When I visit Indianapolis, a place a lived for many years, I do a restaurant hop all over town, stuffing myself with all my favorites. It feels like home cooking to me, even though I’m “eating out” because I miss it so much! 🙂 Happy no cooking night!!!

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    • Shana Karnes says:

      Ha! I hope to interrogate you about Indy food, since my hubby and I are looking at it as a potential place for settling down! Please tell me it’s got as many good eats as Cincy!


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