On Snow Days #SOL15

solThanks to today’s snow day, our school year now extends through June 12–but I feel surprisingly okay about that.  I just love snow days.  There’s something about their unplanned freedom that’s medicine for my Type A soul.  I plan things way too carefully, and when I find myself with an entirely unstructured day ahead of me, I am simply gleeful.  What shall I do?  Laundry?  Grading?  Perhaps tackle some of my TBR list?  I can do anything I want!  That feeling is pure joy.


The view from my back porch

Today, since I’m in Cincinnati and my mom and I have the day off together, we’ll go shopping.  There are several stores here that we don’t have in WV–Half Price Books, Macy’s, and Hobby Lobby are my favorites–so we’ll visit those today to pick up books, a new purse, and some scrapbooking supplies.

For now, though, I’m enjoying the particular silence that a heavy snow brings to a neighborhood.  It’s somehow insulating, preventing sound from echoing, cocooning our house in a nest separate from the rest of the world.

And, I’m enjoying the fact that the sub plans I wrote will lie, untouched, on my classroom desk and that I’ll get to teach those lessons on Monday.  I truly trust and adore my preferred sub, who was an English professor herself and often expands on my lessons in really amazing ways, but I love my job.  I really love teaching, and every time I have to miss a day for training or a conference or a personal day, I can’t wait to get back in my classroom.  So, even though it was important to me to come see my mom on her birthday, I’m very grateful for this snow day and the fact that it means I haven’t missed a day of teaching.


6 thoughts on “On Snow Days #SOL15

  1. briank925 says:

    The sound created by a blanket of snow is wonderful–you are so right. It filters and softens everything in a unique way. I love that you take time to notice that–I bet writing it this morning isn’t the first time that thought has crossed your mind.

    For me, I tend to notice it when I am alone outside…which makes it better.

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  2. Mary Beth Steven says:

    Living in Wisconsin, I’m used to more snow days than we received this year. So far we had one “too cold” day. Actually, I love “too cold” days better than “snow” days. No shoveling! Enjoy your time with your mom. THAT is time well spent!

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