The 3 Ls of Life

Everything I enjoy and embrace about my life can be broken down into three categories:  learning, love, and literature.  This blog–and by extension, the majority of all the writing I do–will focus on those three categories.

IMG_4999LEARNING:  I love everything about the learning process.  I love to learn new things, I love to watch others learn (especially as I teach), and I love to learn alongside others.  It’s a magical process that, to me, is the purpose of life.  Without learning and intellect, I would not feel productive during my time on this earth.

IMG_4297LOVE:  I love very quickly and very deeply.  I am madly in love with my amazing husband of nearly two years, I adore my parents and younger brother, and I have all kinds of love for my various coworkers, students, friends, and pretty much everyone I meet.  I see the best in people, which helps me grow to love them.  I also have a borderline obsessive love for my two cats, Lizzie and Cheese, aka ChiChi.

IMG_4916LITERATURE:  Some of my earliest memories involve reading and literacy.  I had a small nightlight I’d get up and read by when I was supposed to be sleeping.  My childhood headboard was a bookshelf.  My best classes in high school were English, and I majored in Literature in college, as well as in language arts education.  I’m in my seventh year teaching English and there’s nothing I’d rather spend all day talking, thinking, reading, and writing about.  To me, my voracious love for all books is what makes me an effective teacher.

Learning, love, and literature all overlap for me.  I’ll be exploring–with you as my reader–all three topics and their interplay here.  Thank you for joining me!


5 thoughts on “The 3 Ls of Life

  1. Elisabeth Ellington says:

    Howdy! So glad to see you with a shiny new blog! Really looking forward to your posts. I am also borderline obsessed with my favorite cat, Frances. (I have 6 cats. You’ll probably understand why I married my husband when I tell you he had 4 cats when I met him!) And yes, yes, yes to everything you say about learning, love, and books!


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